Kite gameplay with commentary 7/7/14

Well it’s been just long enough that I can show off some progress. I’ve been hard at work on hit detection, aiming, depth accuracy and most heavily, ai. I’ve reduced the gene pool to just two enemies: little guys that have a short ranged attack + speed buff which I call the chargebot and the laser drone who is a pretty average looking oval fella with a laser cannon.

Gone are the days of enemies sitting in place waiting for you to take pot shots, I’ve added a wander and aggro mechanic. They have improved pathing around walls although not by much and they have different movements based on range and what powers they have on cooldown.

They’re far from genius but they’ve made the gameplay more dynamic. I’ve added creep spawners that pop out charge bots every so often and have to be capped. You’ve got to cap ’em all and kill all the creeps to progress. It’s feeling more and more like a game, which is encouraging!

I’ve also most recently set to work on creating a basic talent tree or skill system. Right now you’re getting one point to spend every 5 levels on one of 6 upgrades: dash,rail,missiles,nades,sword or ammo. Mostly a proof of concept but I cranked out some little icons to make them pretty and it hasn’t been insanely difficult to get the talent arrays worked out. They provide buffs to they’re respective weapons and abilities.

As always, much more to come but for now I’m happy with the pace of things. Thanks for checking me out!