Dev update late August 2014

Hello again friends!

As expected every time I post it’s been longer than the last! Perhaps I can buck the tradition next time. However between buying a house, moving and visiting the family at the cabin I’ve had plenty of reason to stall. Yes in other words I’ve gotten very little done!

As for what I have accomplished, I have a protoype ‘roof top’ level that is coming to gether nicely and currently serves as really the only playable content. New art assets abound and game play mechanics are polishing up nicely. I’ve added a couple new enemies and some environmental objects. Half depth structures like flower beds are functioning and I can now easily add new features in a jiffy.  All and all I’ve got a decent engine going and I’ve honestly been struggling most with what direction to point in for development. Add more enemies? More weapons? Or keep cranking on art and sound? Should I develop the other progression mechanics, or polish the UI?

I think I know the answer, and it’s the hardest one. Wish me luck!

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