You can play Kite Alpha 0.1.3!

Shoot an email to  and mention that you want to be on the mailing list. That’s all there is to it. You will have access to download the latest build (~70megs) through Google Drive. You can also just grab the installer here. Installs in a jiff and I assure you it’s completely free of anything save bullet storm bliss.

First of all, if you’re even considering signing up let me just extend a personal thanks. Kite wouldn’t be here without all the time playtesters have already sunk into it and from a game design perspective there’s nothing more powerful than receiving first impression feedback. That’s why it’s so important to me that you know how much I appreciate it!

So how does a free copy of Kite on release day sound?  If you sign up for the Kite mailing list you’re guaranteed access to alpha/beta testing all the way through development and the first 20 people to sign up will receive a free copy of Kite at launch!

What are you getting yourself into?? You’ll be entering a world, maybe not so different from our own, but one where things didn’t quite pan out the same…  Here’s the pitch:

The computer revolution went a different route: it took the high road, the one way above our heads. Up through the seventies artificial intelligence moved forward at the speed of smell. Finally in the eighties a new wave of research developed the first learning AI.

Within a given fixed environment this artificial intelligence was able to follow rules like any other but unlike previous AI, once win conditions and goals were programmed into the system, it had the capability to add new rules of it’s own invention.  These sprung out of the concept that a scenario could not only be won, but won ‘better’ or, with a higher score.

That technology took off like a space missile and when it came back down it formed the shape of a giant ‘win’ button that mankind decided to press. Through miniaturization, computing power and storage quadruped yearly – that processing power led to advanced bio-engineering technology that literally saved the planet from humanity.

Mother nature cheered as it’s rivers were drained of toxins, it’s forests replenished and it’s most ornery denizens industriousness nipped in the bud. Humanity looked on pensively as the complexity of artificial intelligence grew. We got left at the starting blocks, completely clueless as to the inner workings of the new life giving technology. None the less, on a whole we embraced our new artificial aides.

Mankind being the biggest threat to itself, the AI was meticulously programmed with core logic outlawing any computer assisted weapons research. Over time these algorithms became so advanced and secure that not a single bit had ever been put towards the weaponization of anything.

This didn’t by any means end weapons research, it just meant that the machine wouldn’t be inventing any new weapons of it’s own – that was still up to us- you actually.

Be the headmaster at arms of the world’s most advanced weapons research facility. Fend off swarms of enemies who want your data – whether off your hard drive or straight out of your dome – they will steal everything and use it against you if you get caught half-steppin’!

Play Kite Alpha 0.1.3 today!

Naturally feedback is much needed, but I thought I’d provide a short list of questions I’m very interested in:

What’s your favorite weapon or combination of weapons?

Would you change anything about the controls?

What was the most frustrating part of your experience?

What was the most fun part of playing the game?

Was there anything confusing about the user interface? What would you like to add / change?

Did you find any bugs? What happened or was happening? It may provide a screen with information, copy and paste it to me if you can.

Email  write in the comments here or on Facebook!  Remember it’s alpha! There is no story at this time and only the first 3 levels are intended for you to play.  Enjoy!

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