Alpha 0.2.1 Released

Alpha 0.2.1 Released

It’s been too long!  I know how insatiable my fans are (believe me – flooded with fan letters last week), and it’s high time I throw ‘em a bone, so let’s talk about what’s new.

First and foremost, holy crap I fixed the shitty interpolated terrible visuals. Right now the game runs at 1920×1200 and it’s pixel perfect, soon I’ll get resizing going on so you can play it at a smaller rez, but it will still be pixel perfect no matter what your monitor’s native iis.  This was a huge win for me, I had seriously considered drastic measures to fix this and it ended up being some lame setting from the title screen that became default for all the other levels, simply reset the variable upon creation of each level and viola!

Here’s an example of the old vs new perspective:



Now, as soon as that game zoomed out so much, it also became a lot more fun. Yeah it may be a bit too far out right now, but it’s really helped the gameplay after a few accommodations. Here’s the big two changes that I’ve been inundated with requests for:

HUGE range boost to ALL guns

MOVEMENT speed increased all around

So now that we can see around us better, we can actually do this thing called KITING! My god, what a concept! Moving way faster just had to be done because at the old movement speed, when you’re zoomed out so far it feels soooo slow.

Of course the enemies got some juice to make up for it but the biggest change to the enemies is that the drones now use pathfinding and will hunt you down if you break LoS with them.  They can see you from very far away and will come into range and start juking and shooting at you.  They can have any of the one hand weapons that you have and by far the most formidable is the rail gun.  Dodging shots from a pack of rail gun drones while you deal with their shorter ranged shotgun wielding cousins is very close to the gameplay I’ve envisioned since the beginning.

Here’s a little vid of the pathfinding:

There’s been a whole slew of visual updates besides just the resolution, but they’re mostly small details – I can now draw unlimited stuff permanently to the ground or wherever I like so shells and blast stains stay forever, along with the footprints that you make in the grass.

I also dropped the soundtrack for now in favor of a much smaller download which took it from 250ish to 85megs, there’s just an intro loop now.

Pick up the Alpha today and check it out!