Alpha 0.2.3

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Alpha 0.2.3 Major Changes
  • New resolution, zoomed view in and implemented a ‘smart smooth camera’ that follows either the player or the cursor depending on both of their locations and does so in a smooth manner (still needs tweaking)
  • New level! ‘The Outbuilding’ which features prototypes of the Enemey Turret. Turrets can be destroyed, but the base will retract and repair itself; when complete the turret will come back online. Loot drops when you take them out. This level is meant to be a sort of introductory level and in the final you wouldn’t have access to all the powers you do in the Alpha.
  • Many new small effects and features have been added since the last update including new effects for your ‘R’ power (Moon Beam), new destructable trees, updated lighting and sound effects, new full screen overlays when taking damage or using bullet time and a new flash animation when any entity takes damage.

Stuff not covered in game:
  • Press ‘Tab’ to check out the upgrade system, use the numpad to spend points or numpad minus to return points. 20 to start for now + 1 per level.
  • Press ‘C’ to toggle the stats panel which will give you more detailed info about your character.
  • Go through the goal door to progress through the levels or ‘Pg Up’ / ‘Pg Dwn’ to cycle them.
  • Press ‘Esc’ Pauses and brings up the keybinds and help screen. GL and happy hunting!

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